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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  January 3, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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right now at 11:00, we are under a weather alert. after a full day of rain you can see right here, the wet weather is not done with us just yet. the news at 11:00 starts right now. good evening, thank you for joining us, i'm janelle wang. and i'm terry mcsweeney. we are tracking the rain and damage it is causing tonight. >> we have team coverage, we have jeff ranieri, what can we
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expect tonight and tomorrow? >> well, i still expect the rainfall to continue, we've seen the continuing rainfall for the past four hours, widespread in the bay area, getting hit in the lower elevations, areas through san rafael and novato. we're seeing things picking up in the last hour, and across the santa cruz mountains that will continue right here into campbell. 11:22 tonight, downtown san jose, 11:39. now, the highest threat no doubt is across santa cruz, and two to four inches of rainfall expected. possibly mudslide especially near where the loma fire burned. now after this storm system another storm system heading this way through the weekend. we have more details at 11:10
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and later. and now we have chuck coppola, there are concerns over flooding and mudslides? >> reporter: that is right, there is a lot of flooding and mudslides going on in the los gatos mountains, where in hilldale and camden behind me. you can see the stoplights are blanks, the emergency crews came by earlier to warn some of the drivers that the stop lights are out, but the flares have gone out, allowing drivers to go through the lights, creating very dangerous situations here that started around 7:15 this evening. the lights went out at san jose's cambrian park neighborhood, affecting many customers, stoplights went
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dangerously dark. over the area, the drivers crept slowly when the storm hit. >> we definitely got batteries and firewood and made sure we stocked up on lots of canned foods, and we're just ready to go, buckets of water and so on. >> reporter: earlier, the gusts of winds accompanied the rain and snow, cal fire watched the mudslides in the area where the fear broke out last month. cal-fire crews worked quickly to clear the road. >> it seems like it will be a big downpour for next week, which will be hard for the mountains especially because things tend to give way when it is that long-term. >> i'm going to drive home carefully because i live through the mountains where there are slides. and i'm just going to hole up.
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>> the national weather service has issued a flash flood watch through the santa cruz mountains through tomorrow morning. i just checked with cal-fire and morgan hill. there are no reports of other mudslides happening. so far this evening as far as the power situation, no word from pg&e when power will be restored. we have word that there are other power outages in the east bay, reporting live, i'm chuck coppola. okay, thank you, chuck, a good reminder to go slow in the rain. the two-car crash, one in mountain view. this afternoon, two cars ended up on the shoulder of northbound highway 87 near the 101 interchange near san jose. the roads are slick, both where the cameras are show the wet roadways tonight. the snow is piling up in the sierra so much, there is now an avalanche warning through
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thursday, between three and six feet is possible showing that time. you can keep an eye on tonight's rainfall and the storm coming this weekend. just download the app, tailored for your location. tonight, nbc bay area has confirmed oakland is about to announce its new police chief and it will be a woman. and she is not from around here. nbc bay area cheryl herd has more. >> reporter: well, coming to oakland by way of chicago, terry, the announcement coming from oakland's mayor, we are told the new police chief will be anne kirkpatrick, who right now works in the city of chicago. anne kirkpatrick is no stranger to the pd, she was a runner-up when another was chosen, the
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soon to be chief is leaving chicago where she was leading the department's police reform. and once second in command, and a semi-finalist for seattle's police chief job in 2010. kirkpatrick comes to oakland as the department is mired in turmoil. >> a toxic culture. >> reporter: when mayor schaaf took office, she was walking into a sex scandal. and one stepped down with only two days on the job. kirkpatrick has a reputation of building community trust and that is what the city of oakland is looking for. i'm also told tonight that kirkpatrick is big on accountability, when she comes to oakland one of her big jobs will be building community trust. reporting live in oakland, i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news.
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cheryl, thank you very much, we expect a formal announcement on the new chief tomorrow and will continue to follow the breaking news as it happens on air and on line. and artists hope to make the living spaces safer in the wake of the ghost ship fire. fire officials and building representatives were on hand at a free event. artists learned about fire safety and received free smoke alarms and fire extinguishers. >> artists are living and working in all sorts of different places and not everybody has a place to do their work so it's in their kitchen and living room. so they're mixing and living with chemicals and solvents and other things that could catch on fire. >> we all need to work as a community to be safe. that is why we have this process. >> reporter: and the event organizers say they hope this is the first of many safety workshops for artists.
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groped and burglarized by a man, ismael vasquez, broke into the homes of single men and would grope them before running off with their valuables. the latest attack was in san mateo, and police arrested the man minutes after the event, and credit neighbors for calling police. >> if you're in your sleep, somebody may come and do something to you. >> you think that early in the morning you're either just waking up or sleeping you don't expect anybody to be coming into your home, let alone touching anybody inappropriately. >> police fear that vasquez is a predator and fear his list could be longer. and a missing boy with autism, police launched a massive search and say that a bart passenger probably ended up
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saving his life. police have called this a miracle. >> reporter: they are, janelle, san francisco police officers spent hours searching san francisco for that missing 6-year-old boy. his family never imagined he would make a solo trip across oakland until they got a phone call. >> in two minutes. >> reporter: tina's 6-year-old son, nathan, has special needs. he took off from their home about 4:30 p.m. yesterday. >> we were concerned because the child is young and autistic. >> we put out a teletype that goes out to the surrounding police departments. >> reporter: dozens of police officers circulated this picture searching for nathan. hours later, across the bay in oakland a bart passenger anonymously called police about a boy alone on the 19th street platform on a scooter.
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>> if i had to i was going to take the young boy home with me, i was going to find his parents, i didn't care what it took. >> reporter: the officer asked him to write down his address. >> he just wrote down a long list of numbers and i just kept dialing and it was just a long list of numbers on the paper. it's a gift from god that one of the numbers worked. >> reporter: this is the moment that officer evela and nathan's mother will not soon forget. safety for a 6-year-old boy who probably got on a bus and then on bart to oakland by himself. it's a route he takes to therapy once a week, a route full of danger. >> and all the different stops he had to reach, all the different people that we come in contact with, the worst could have happened to him. >> reporter: his mother is grateful, one of those people called police. >> thank you for saving my son, thank you. i'm so happy. >> reporter: a lot of relief tonight. now police also tell me they don't want to think about what
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might have happened to nathan if no one called police. they say it's a reminder, if you see something, say something. reporting live in san francisco, jean elle, nbc bay area news. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri as our storm rolls in today winds gusting as high as 32 miles per hour in san jose, the storm radar is continuing to track the rainfall across the bay area. the storm ranger, checking it out right now. here is a live view in the elements. as the heavy rain comes down. and then a scary turn, search crews find a clue that may point to a tragic end. and hit by burglars, what they took and what this nonprofit helps. these were young men and women who had their whole futures ahead of them. >> what did the city know?
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who is responsible? >> this buried facility was actually under investigation. >> how many other buildings in oakland? >> why didn't inspectors take action sooner? >> did the city drop a ball on this? >> we absolutely need the investigation. it's beautiful. was it a hard place to get to? (laughs) it wasn't too bad. with the chase mobile app, jimmy chin can master depositing his hard earned checks in a snap. easy to use chase technology for whatever you're trying to master.
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. >> they smashed the front door with a rock and stole the bikes, this happened monday morning, this is not your standard bicycle shop, it's a nonprofit and helps young people who aged out of the foster system. the bikes sales pay them. >> these are people who are struggling. and i just feel that this makes them struggle more when they harm other people. >> and those bicycles at the shop come fromñi donations and impound lots. they hope the thieves will return the stolen bikes. a car found off the side of a clip in san luis obispo may belong to a missing couple, who were missing since december 23rd. they were supposed to return to
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north hollywood christmas day. the two have not been seen since. the chp got a call today alerting them the car had been spotting down a rocky embankment. the helicopter crew reported seeing one human body outside the car. tonight, the sister is holding out hope. >> right now my family and i are just anxious, we wanted closure but not like this. my sister was the shine of our family. and i wish she never would have got in the car that day. >> crews have been slowed by a rainstorm so they can't get to the car until tomorrow. the warriors return to san francisco, officialing beginning two weeks from today. the team will break ground on its new arena known as the chase center on january 17th. the warriors president said the arena is expected to be finished in time for the 2020 nba season just a couple years from now.
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others claim that the arena will cause traffic problems around the ucf medical center. the warriors have won every court battle over the move so far. and we're under a micro climate move as we mentioned. fog and cloud sitting over other areas, and you are looking live at the camera, downtown san francisco, yes, a beautiful shot. the weather causing major delays and cancellations at sfo. here is ian cole. >> reporter: airport officials say there were over 100 cancellations today the most they have seen over the busy holiday season. and yes the wind and rain are to blame and they expect more cancellations tomorrow. the average delay time is around one to three hours tonight. some passengers were delayed flying into sfo causing them to miss flights abroad. one man spent at least eight hours at the airport, the others even more. >> leaving at 1:25 p.m., you see
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it's 8:30 here, so everything is changed. >> it was stressful just to get the flight, now i'm here and have to wait even longer. >> reporter: today, the weather didn't cause any cancellations in san jose or oakland, there are more than 350 delayed flights. so officials could not attribute all of them to the weather. if you have a flight in the morning or at all tomorrow you're urged to check with the airline before you get here. at sfo, ian cole, nbc bay area news. and people are watching the creek that has a history of flooding and erosion, crews worked with flood banks and sandbags. we're watching the creek here, the live camera showing the water level where you can see it is pretty high. but not flooding tonight. the numbers are in and despite all the rain and snow we have had lately, snow levels are actually lower than average.
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the data comes from the first snowpack of the season, the state leaders are hopeful. more storms this week suggests the snowpack will improve before melting season in april. and speaking of more storms this week, jeff ranieri joins us. >> they did the survey this time next week. it probably could be closer to 75% average, that would be good news for us, storm ranger out tonight, scanning the bay area, the doppler radar is currently showing some heavier pockets around the peninsula, that is our mobile doppler radar on wheels. this thing will help us out in the typical dry summer months as it has the ex-band radar as well as the doppler radar that will help to track the wildfire smoke. let's show you what is happening, storm ranger is active when you see the red sweep on the screen, and here it is right now. in its current scan of over 100 miles we're seeing pockets of heavier rainfall near the southern peninsula, mainly that
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has been impacting east palo alto about a half inch of rain per hour rainfall rate. a lot heading directly off the east moving into sonoma by 11:46, heavier rainfall for you, pleasanton, by 11:50 tonight. and what we've seen in the south bay, should continue for at least the next six hours, it was slow to get going but happening pretty good for you right now. the santa cruz mountains, a lot of areas have already seen anywhere from two to four inches of rainfall. now, the main reason why we're so focused on what could happen this weekend is the fact that this flow in the pacific is very impressive. look at how far back it stretches all the way out towards hawaii, with the weekend system moving in it will connect with this. that is why we could have flooding issues again by saturday and sunday. more on that coming up. but i want to take it back into
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tomorrow morning's forecast, i think we'll have rain with it. not extremely heavy, temperatures starting in the tri-valley, san francisco begins at 46, north bay starting out with a cold 38 and also plenty of wet weather on the roads. on the future cast, here is tomorrow morning, areas of scattered rainfall, we'll hold onto pictures of on again and off again, and by 8:00, it slowly moves to the south. the first dry day coming our way in the forecast will be on thursday. so all of this rainfall again has met sierra snow. the way things show it now, 7,000 feet, two to four feet of snow with this storm system. this is jessust epic. there will be a foot of new snow for them, the tahoe snow report tonight, 35 tomorrow, breaks of sun on thursday. and by friday, that will be good
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ski day here with 30 degrees. lot of fresh powder. and 68 runs open there at squaw valley. on the extended forecast, dry weather again, thursday and friday, saturday more rain returns. sunday is the day to watch out for flooding. we could see one to four inches at our lower elevations. san francisco stays in the 50s. and for the inland valleys, jacket weather remains and again sunday is the day that we'll watch the creeks, rivers, streams extremely closely. i have my eyes set on the forecast. >> great, jeff, thank you so much. still to come, a northern california woman stuck in the snow. the items in the car that kept her alive until help arrived. and we have jimmy. hey, guys, justin timberlake is my guest tonight. we're going back. plus, tracy allman, do not change the channel, it's good. happening now on our twitter
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feed, bart reporting major delays tonight because of the equipment problems at the orinda station. and on facebook, a man used dating sites to scam women out of $360,000. claiming he was a billionaire, federal agents said he blackmailed to keep up the scam. more news for you after the break.
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to get off. the whole thing was captured on a cell phone, the left operators placed the mat under the boy, then brought a ladder to get him down. the boy a little shaken up but okay. and a surprise a woman had in her car saved her life. two weeks ago, 32-year-old nicole glenn was traveling when her car got stuck in the snow. when glenn's mother didn't hear anything for four days she reported her missing. three days later, the chp sent a helicopter to try to find her, and to her mother's surprise, they found her and she is in great condition. >> we were scared to death that you know something had happened to her, that she maybe drove off a cliff. we didn't know, we were just so frightened. >> and she was okay. her mother credits the food and emergency kit glenn had in her car, she had a thermal blanket
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and a heating kit.
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period, when couture squeaked one by the king's goaltender. sharks take a 1-0 lead on this play but kings come back and tie it on overtime. the kings come away with a 2-1 win. and a rookie quarterback to make his first-ever start in the playoffs? >> it's looking that way. colin rush reports from alameda. >> reporter: well, it has not been made official after filling in for injured matt mcgoin, connor cook is expected to be against the texans. they're putting their trust against the rookie quarterback. >> the first drive he went in, i just think he played with tremendous confidence. i was happy for him and it was good to see. >> he was making throws, stepping up in the pocket. i think he did a really good job. >> i feel very confident about connor, i saw him every day after practice he was out there. really shows he always prepared
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for this moment and his moment finally came. i look forward to playing with him saturday. >> reporter: for being thrown into the fire, cook was solid in denver, his teammates were not. trying to compensate for the loss of derek carr, simply can't happen. >> that is not the way we need to come out and play, especially now or you will be sitting at home watching with the other teams. >> definitely a sense of urgency that needs to come with it this week when we practice. guys need to be on their assignment. guys need to really hone in, focus on the game plan and make sure we execute saturday so i can be back here talking to y'all again. >> we would like that as well. in alameda, colin rush, nbc bay area. >> okay, fingers crossed. we'll be right back. with the xfinity tv app, anything with a screen is a tv.
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>> new year's resolutions don't always work out for everybody, but facebook creator mark zuckerberg has new ones. >> he is ambitious, yes, but
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maybe not as hard as some of his past resolutions. >> all right, i'm taking off, can you start the dishwasher? >> you got it, mark. >> in 2016, zuckerberg delivered on his pledge to make an artificial intelligence butler, and yes, one that had the voice of morgan freeman. >> i feel like i'm behind. i just got one -- speaking of the vacuum. it's a robot. >> i love that thing. >> all right, storm ranger, rainfall out there right now, clearing out thursday and friday, a strong storm could cause flooding concerns sunday. >> be safe, have a good night. ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- justin timberlake. tracey ullman.


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